By their nest, Mr. and Mrs. Bufflehead looked after their
ducklings with concern. They had known for some time
that their homeland was ready for a winter rest. In due
time, the family will have to migrate south to a new land,
where there will be plenty of food and warmth.
"It's time to tell them about our journey," said Mr.
Bufflehead as he watched the life of a leaf coming to an
end, rolling into a cool shiny pond. "Winter is coming.
Soon the pond will freeze over, and then there will be no
fish or leeches or snails for us to eat." Mrs. Bufflehead
agreed. "Our ducklings first journey will be a dangerous
one," she said with troubled thoughts. "The new land will
predators waiting for the ones who are not on the
alert." Meeting the predator was something new to the

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