A Time Of Change
Autumn was almost over. The winter wind had come to
puff away the pretty colored leaves. The cold weather
was new to the
Bufflehead ducklings. They made it
through the day, by playing games with the fallen leaves.
"Yippee!" Buffy screamed as he jumped on a pile of
ragged leaves.
While Fluffy waited for his turn, Duffy passed the
moment by springing on colorful leaves that fell by.
"Look, a new game," said Duffy holding a leaf in his bill.
For Buffy, jumping on the pile of ragged leaves was still
fun. Besides, there had been enough changes. Not long
ago, when the sun was strong, their homeland was a
safe place full of green plants and flowers. Only now, the
weather had changed the land into a barren land.

Copyright 2008 By Luciano  DeSanctis
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By Luciano DeSanctis