Wade Understands
By Luciano DeSanctis
Copyright 2008 by Luciano DeSanctis. All rights reserved.  
Luciano DeSanctis Children Stories registration # TXU 1-648584
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Today was the new bus
driver's first day, and t
he bus was late.
He was having a difficult time
finding the children in the rain.
Wade and his friends were waiting.
The children ran inside the bus.
"HELLO MR. BUS DRIVER," they said playfully.
The bus driver was late, and he did not smile.
He just tipped his hat. "I am Mr. Sullivan," he said,
"Now, make sure you children be seated and quiet."
"Okay, Mr. Sullivan," said Wade.
The children were not happy
riding to school with the new bus driver.
"That bus driver sure is grumpy," whispered Jay.
Everyone agreed with Jay.
Everyone but Wade, although, he couldn't
understand why he disagreed.
"Don't worry," said April, "Crazy Vito will
soon be cheering Mr. Sullivan."