To Antonietta Orticelli-Breda. A beacon to my soul.
Copyright 2008 By Luciano  DeSanctis  
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Kelia liked Aunt Belle’s beauty salon.
It had everything she needed.
To make her look different.
Kelia liked to look different.

“Mother has a surprise for me,” said Kelia.
She wonder about the surprise.
Kelia knew it was coming soon.

Kelia combed and brushed her long hair.
She put bows and ribbons in her hair.
“I liked my hair with bows and ribbons,” Kelia said.
“There is only one thing wrong.
My hair is too long.

Mother and Aunt Belle
were having mint tea.
They were talking about
Kelia’s hair do surprise.
Mother told her the surprise.
"Kelia, you may have any hair-do you want.
That is my surprise," said Mother.
"What a surprise!" said Kelia.
Mother knew Kelia wanted a new hair-do.

Aunt Belle has always cut her hair the same way.
Mother has always wanted that way.
Now Kelia had a choice.
"I want to have my hair short, with bubbly curls," she said.
"What Kelia needs is a curly permanent," said Aunt Belle.
"That will be fine," said Mother.
Kelia was happy.

"First, let's
shampoo your hair,"  said Aunt Belle.
"Okay," said Kelia.
She liked the shampoo's bubbly smell of bubble gum.

"Now, I will cut your hair," said Aunt Belle.
The scissors went. . . .
Snip, snip, snip . . .

"I can't wait to see my new hair do" said Kelia.
Snip, snip, snip . . .

Kelia's silky hair flew on the floor.
Some flew on the cutting cape.
Some flew away.
Some, flew on her shoes.
"Yuk!  Yuk!" said Kelia.

Kelia's hair was short.  She looked different.
But Kelia wanted her hair shorter.
"No, not good.  Would you please cut some more?" she asked.
"Okay" said Aunt Belle.
The scissors went. . . .
Snip, snip, snip . . .

Some more hair flew down. More flew away.
Some, flew on Kelia's face.
Yuk!  Yuk! she said.

Kelia's hair was shorter.
She looked different.
But Kelia was not happy.
"A little more please," she said.
"Are you sure?" asked Mother.
"Oh, yes.  A little More please," said Kelia.
The scissors went . . .
Snip, snip, snip. . . .again....

Kelia watched her silky hair. Some flew down on the floor.
Some more on the cutting cape. Some flew away.
Some, flew on her mouth.
Yuk!  Yuk! she grumbled.

"Yes, that is good," said Kelia.
"There is only one thing wrong," said Kelia. "My hair is not curly."
"Patience,"  said Mother.
"Kelia will soon have her curls," Aunt Belle said with a smile.
Kelia was happy.

"Now, I will roll your hair
permanent rods,"  said Aunt Belle.
"May I help You?" asked Mother.
"Oh, yes, you can hand me the rods," answered Aunt Belle.

Her head felt heavy with the permanent rods.
Kelia had the giggles.
She saw how silly she looked.
Kelia was chilly when Aunt Belle squeezed the smelly
It smelled like a skunk. "Did you get that in the freezer?" asked Kelia.
"No!" smiled Aunt Belle.
The timer was on. . .
Tick, tick, tick. . . .

"We have to wait Twelve minutes," said Aunt Belle.
Kelia was tingly.
She had the giggles again.

RING.....  "Twelve minutes!" shouted Kelia.
Aunt Belle looked at her hair. "This is very good," she said.
"Am I curly yet?" asked Kelia.
"Not yet, patience dear," smiled Mother.

"Now, Aunt Belle will rinse your hair."
Her head felt heavier.
Kelia felt the squirt or spray
of water on her face.
It came from the water bouncing from the permanent rods
It made her very itchy.
"Yuk!  Yuk!" said Kelia.

"Am I curly now?" Kelia asked.
"Not really. "I have one more lotion to put on," said Aunt Belle.
"I know, patience," smiled Kelia.
Mother smiled back.

Kelia was chilly again.
Aunt Belle squeezed another drippy, icy lotion.
The timer went on again. . .
Tick, tick, tick. . . .

"Only five minutes to wait," smiled Aunt Belle.
RING1 "Five minutes!" shouted Kelia.
"Aunt Belle will rinse your hair one more time," said Mother.
"Okay," said Kelia.

Mother helped Aunt Belle.
They rolled out the permanent rods.
Her head felt lighter again. Kelia was happy.
Mother and Aunt Belle looked surprised.

"Am I curly?" asked Kelia.
"You sure are curly!" they shouted.
"Kelia, you look so different,"  said Mother.
Kelia was surprised too.
"Look, I am curly," said Kelia. "Thank you Aunt Belle.
Thank you for the surprise Mother."
She like her new curly hair-do.

Kelia looked different.
She liked to look different.
She combed and brushed her short bubbly hair.
She put bows and ribbons in her hair
Kelia liked what she saw.
By Luciano DeSanctis